early card design for KhanQuest

A good friend of mine, Jason Khan is finally putting his board game concept in to high gear and shooting for a finished prototype. We’ll call it KhanQuest for now (working title).  Along with Rhys Yorke, I have been asked to do the games artwork.  I’ll be focusing on the game boards, cards, tokens and such, while Rhys will be creating the cover art and images of all the games units. This will be my first board game, though it isn’t as unfamiliar as I may have first thought.  I’ve done plenty of print campaigns for various marketing agencies over the years.  Surprisingly I still remember most of it.  Combine that with what I’ve learned from video games and it’s like some unholy merger of love and hate.

There is of course many challenges to look out for. The biggest being:  There’s no post-launch-day-one patch to fix all those little mistakes that slipped through publishing.  You get one shot, its gotta be perfect.  But there are advantages too. No restrictions on file size, texture quality, or which devices it’s compatible with.  As long as you have a human brain, you should be good.

I’ll be adding a page to projects for KhanQuest, and who knows maybe even Jason will pop in sometime and comment.

The above image is an early concept of the games research cards.  Yeah I know, odd for a mage to be thrown in to a tech UI but don’t worry it will all make sense. At least we hope.