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Noah Marton

Character: Cydel


I have always loved games ever since I was introduced to them. Though I was almost too young to remember, I have been a gamer since. But I also discovered that as much as I loved playing games, I enjoyed designing and creating them even more. Before editors, I’d find myself changing values in text files to create my own custom maps. When editors did come out, it was a dream come true. I’d spend weeks creating my own custom scenarios. Digital media aside, I’ve been GMing pen and paper campaigns since I was 13 and most of them self made.

Games however aren’t my only passion. I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, sculpting and later 3d modeling. This helped direct my career as a graphic designer. Though, after several years working in marketing, I knew something was missing. Pretty much my main two passions; art and games. I guess some would consider graphic design art, and they’d be right.  But making logos, magazine ads, brochures and constantly being told by clients they wanted something “contemporary” just wasn’t my thing. I always knew I was supposed to be in the Game Industry.  So that’s what I did.

My portfolio: is being reworked,  you can probably find more at my DeviantArt page.

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Mat the Bear

Character: Jaice

Mat the Bearrawr



I’m a bear.

Yes, a talking bear. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. As outrageous as this sounds, some might find it even more so that my favored passtime is playing video games. At some point in my youth I stumbled out of the woods, lumbering toward the soft glow of an entertainment box. While the particular cartoon-ish display didn’t look quite as good as He-Man, there was still something magical about it. Upon closer inspection there was a boy holding a small grey box in his hands, that seemed to make the characters obey his will! After devouring the unlucky man-cub I realized I was hooked for life.

While I’m sure there were others that came before, the first games that shaped my life were Mario, Zelda, and Dragon Warrior. Thereafter my sense of adventure was greater than my sense to eat salmon. I continued to cultivate my love of RPG’s and adventure games, even at the behest of my family who continually reminded me that these aren’t things that bears do. Now it is a rare thing that I don’t do something video game related at least every day.

I wanted to create video games for a large part of my life, and while I have a bit of programming experience, I haven’t done much to fulfil this dream. It turns out that I am exceptional at solving human technical needs on a day to day basis. Perhaps one day I will follow that dream more closely, but until that day, I am content to play, talk, and dream about games.